Offer – equipment

  • Tents (white tents for weddings of different size, tents for events)
  • Pagodas (renting pagodas of various size)
  • Floor (wooden floor, carpet..)
  • Tables (different tables for different events)
    • -Round tables
    • -square tables
  • Bar tables
  • Chairs (to rent …different)
  • Beer sets – beer sets (benches and tables)
  • Bars (bars to rent for concerts, events and different celebrations)
  • Cutlery and serving cutlery (renting cutlery and serving)
  • Decoration (tailored to suit your needs, chair covers, bows, vases….)
  • Light decoration (professional light for tents and specified area)
  • Heating and cooling (mobile heating and cooling with heaters and mushroom heaters)


  • Besides tents and extras, we can help you in decorating your space and area, and our white tents for exclusive occasions such as weddings, farewells, birthday parties, various celebrations and the like.

Equipment Selling

  • Our company sells top world Tents/Marquees of various manufacturers such as Röder, Losberger etc. – all top German quality. Exclusive and appealing tents can be used in all weather conditions.
  • Tents for weddings and celebrations; tents for different purposes; tents of different dimensions and shapes. White tents of exclusive appearance, fast and easy to erect and dismantle. ISO and TUV standard quality and guarantee.


  • We offer organization and cooperation in any domain and at any level.
  • As our long-term experience shows, the market demands full organization, preparation and covering of events and happenings, including cultural programs, technical capabilities, meeting strict security conditions at cultural, sports events, final services such as catering, entertainment and human resources, from physical assistance to technically skilled staff to hospitality and catering workers etc.
  • Our vision is to provide top quality service when covering cultural events in collaboration with groups and people of different interests and various field.